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Antarctic Meeting opens, paving way for marine protection in the Southern Ocean

As the 2015 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) begins today in Sofia, Bulgaria, there is renewed optimism amongst organizations working for marine protection in Antarctica’s oceans. The Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) is represented at the meeting by its partnering organization, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), which has recognised NGO status at the ATCM.

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Russian Federation leadership can bring a victory to Southern Ocean conservation

Moscow, 20 May 2015 – As the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) today celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Convention, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance is calling on Russia to take the lead on conservation of Antarctic waters. The Russian Federation begins a two-year turn at holding CCAMLR chairmanship this year, bringing with it renewed hope that Russia will lead member states to a breakthrough in the three-year pursuit of large-scale conservation, in the form of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean’s Ross Sea and East Antarctica.…

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Spectacular Antarctic Species That Would Benefit From Comprehensive Marine Protections — Spotlight on Species Leading Into 33rd Antarctic Marine Conference —

Sydney, Australia 17 Sept 14:  The Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) launched a new report today, highlighting a small sample of the thousands of resilient species that call the pristine Southern Ocean home. Thirty-three days before the 33rd annual CCAMLR meeting, the new report, “33 Species We Love and Must Protect” serves as a symbolic reminder that in order to continue research and discovery in Antarctica and protect many vulnerable and unique species, there must be commitment to preservation through enhanced protection.…

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If only every day was World Penguin Day

If ever there was a bird ready to have its own day, it’s the dapper, deep-diving penguin. With penguins spending 75% of their lives at seas, it’s vital we protect the oceans around Antarctica, to ensure their survival for generations to come.

Sign our petition now and then join us in celebration of this unique bird and its marine habitat.

Credits: shot and produced by John Weller

Music: Jeff Pevar

Graphics: Tim Turner, John Weller.

Natural Sounds: Macaulay Librart, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Theodore A. Parker III, Jesse H. Barry, John Weller.

Additional Footage: Rodrigo Zalles/CSA-UPCH, HumBoldt Penguins, Peter Young, Yellow Eyed Penguins Cassandra Brooks, “Endangered Wildlife” Patricia Majluf, Fishing Pew Charitable Trusts, Interview.

© John B. Weller (2014)

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