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The Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) seeks a Digital Campaign manager part time (20 hours per week, though occasionally more during campaign push periods) to develop and deliver an integrated international digital campaign for the AOA under contract to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), working with the campaign and communications teams, and partners, to ensure that the objectives of the international campaign are met. The position can be based anywhere, and reports to the Communications Director who is based in Sydney.
Job Description Digital Campaign Manager

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Happy Valentine’s Day, from your favourite invertebrate

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones you care. A day to show the appreciation you feel but might not show or say the rest of the year. Humans aren’t the only ones who need some extra attention, however. Antarctic animals, living far away in the Southern Ocean, are often forgotten about. Sure, you might see pictures of penguins and seals, maybe even a whale or two.
No one hears all that much about the creatures that make up the vast majority of species in the Antarctic. I’m of course talking about Antarctic invertebrates. Who’s ever heard about Labidiaster annulatus, a sea star, or the glass sponge Rosella nuda? Yet they and others are every bit as fascinating as their feathered and furred neighbors. This year, we want to show these creatures some love on Valentine’s Day. Read on to find out why we think Antarctica’s invertebrates make great valentines.

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Russia and Norway: You’ve ‘saved’ the Arctic, now it’s time to protect the Antarctic

An official statement released on January 23rd by Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, announced that “Russia and Norway will sign a declaration on preventing unregulated fishing in the Arctic Ocean, helping to conserve the Arctic”.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation & Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, Ilya Shestakov was quoted saying that:

“Creating an effective mechanism to regulate fishing in the region is an urgent task, because the Arctic is the last major region in respect of which have not yet developed international agreements in the field of fisheries.”

“Last major region” is an interesting choice of words – at the other end of Planet Earth is another “major region” which has a developed set of international agreements, but as of yet, not protection: the Southern Ocean, surrounding Antarctica.…

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Global Efforts to Protect Southern Ocean Blocked by China and Russia: International Commission Unable to Reach Consensus

HOBART, 31 October 2014 – The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has again failed to agree to protect key areas in the Ross Sea and East Antarctica at its annual meeting in Hobart due to blocking by China and Russia. The partners of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA) said that this failure to reach consensus for the fourth time calls into question CCAMLR’s ability to deliver on its conservation commitments.…

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