Despite substantial movement from China on Antarctic Conservation, Southern Ocean progress remains stalled while protection efforts expand around world

HOBART, 30 October 2015 – The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has again failed to agree to protect key areas in the Ross Sea and in East Antarctica at its annual meeting in Hobart.

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Ocean protection is trending across the world, now for the Southern Ocean!

October 19-30 is a momentous time for Antarctic oceans. Delegates from 24 nations and the EU are gathering for CCAMLR in Hobart, Tasmania, to begin two big weeks of negotiations around conservation commitments for the Southern Ocean.

We have the potential to see a comprehensive network of very large marine protected areas formed in this pristine oceanic paradise at the bottom of our planet.…

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Have you taken the krill quiz?

Antarctic Krill by Uwe Kils

How deep does your love of Antarctica’s oceans run?

red star fish closeup

How much do you know about the Southern Ocean? Take this quiz and find out!

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Around the world in oceans campaigns


Typically, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance focuses solely on the issue of marine protection in the Southern Ocean. However, as we celebrate World Oceans Day 2015 on 8 June, the team at AOA thought that it would be appropriate to highlight some of the amazing oceans campaigns that our partners are working on around the world. We hope that you are as inspired by these oceans campaigns as we are!

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CCAMLR! It’s not the 1980s anymore

Antarctic corals

Thirty-five years ago, Barbra Streisand was topping the charts with “The Way We Were”, the video game Pac-man was released in Japan, and the US Hockey team had only recently faced off against Russia in the Lake Placid Winter Olympics. And something extraordinary was formed.

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Get Your Feathers Wet this World Penguin Day: Take the Penguin Plunge!


This World Penguin Day, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance is calling on you to take the Penguin Plunge!
Following the inspiring adventures of intrepid endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh, who recently undertook three record-breaking swims in Antarctica’s freezing cold waters, we’re inviting you to create a global groundswell by taking the #PenguinPlunge.

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