It’s Time to Rally Together for the Southern Ocean

Today is World Oceans Day, and the perfect day to reflect on both the power and the fragility of the deep blue. A day to celebrate the seas as a place of vibrancy and life – that connects each of us and our continents, not divides us.

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Penguins deliver an urgent message to European leaders

World Penguin Day

To mark World Penguin Day, penguins paid a visit to Norway’s parliament, the Stortinget in Oslo, and the European Commission to ask Europe’s leaders to save their home by supporting protection of 3 million square kilometres of the Antarctic Ocean.

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Get acquainted with the superbirds of the sea

Penguin facts

Spot them waddling on the ice, and you may judge the penguin as a somewhat awkward creature. But in fact, these mighty birds have a myriad of extraordinary adaptations to the harsh Antarctic winters in which they thrive. They also play an integral part in the Antarctic ecosystem, and changes to penguin populations can have dire consequences for other sections of the food chain.

Penguins spend 75% of their lives at sea, and to ensure their survival, we must protect the oceans surrounding Antarctica. So to celebrate today – World Penguin Day – we’ve collected 14 astounding facts about this tux-wearing superbird.

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